11 Sugar Free Snacks That You CANNOT Refuse

When you and sugar part ways, the earliest things to go from your life are your sugary snacks and munchies. You have to let them go in order to succeed in your weight loss goals. Or maybe you’re just aspiring to good health, or have been diagnosed with diabetes…whatever be the case, giving up your treats can take a toll on you. So you start looking up (read: hunting for) sugar free snacks that you can indulge in. After all, something is better than nothing.

But it would be so much simple if the products readily available were decently priced, and of good quality! Unfortunately, most of the sugar free munchies on the market are either too costly to afford on a regular basis, or they taste chalk-like and yucky. But worry not…because we have taken it on us to bring you the best sugar free treats on the market!
Photo Credit: theloushe via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: theloushe via Compfight cc

These are products that have been rated as some of the best on the online megastore Amazon. So here are the treats that you can enjoy without a worry about weight gain, or health issues. To get to them just click through the links provided.

#1 Sugar free gummy bears

No matter how old you get, nothing compares to the feeling of contentment when you munch on a handful of tasty, colorful gummy bears. Reminds you of your childhood days when you’d reach out for more with tiny grubby hands…doesn’t it?

Well, you didn’t have to worry about health matters back then, but now, you do. And so we bring you the healthiest gummy bears on the market – minus the sugar. These are also free of any artificial taste that you’d generally associate with sugar free goodies. Do check them out.
Photo Credit: idiosyncratic via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: idiosyncratic via Compfight cc

#2 Sugar free oatmeal cookies

This is another favorite with most people – oatmeal as such is very healthy. And most people love having oatmeal cookies. But a majority of the sugar-less avatars tends to have a typical bland taste that makes the cookies disappointing.

But we promise to bring you the best healthy sugar-less oatmeal cookies available on the market. Ones that will be tasty without compromising on the health, so give them a try.

#3 Sugar free banana bread

Why settle for ordinary bread for your tea-break, go for the soft fluffy banana breads instead. These are delicious and a real treat all by themselves, you don’t even need accompaniments. Additionally, these are quite filling, so if you’re snacking on these, you will feel satiated for quite a while, and that will only help your weight loss goals.  

And the ones we’ve brought you are worth the money. But then, you’ll have to find out for yourself by taking a look at the options…
Photo Credit: nembow via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: nembow via Compfight cc

#4 Sugar free cheesecake

Low carb zero sugar cheesecakes are hard to come by. Most bakers don’t make this variety all too often, and that puts these delicious snacks beyond reach. But does it necessarily have to be that way?

Not really, since you can get your hands on some of the best sugar-less cheesecakes right here. And if you so feel, you can even bake your own at home. But the ready-made ones are so much easier to grab and nibble on…your call.

Photo Credit: chordmonkey via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: chordmonkey via Compfight cc

 #5 Sugar free dark chocolate

Ah! Most chocolate lovers feel especially bad for having to give up on their chocolate fix. But only a few people know that good dark chocolate has fewer calories, and is even healthy for you (well, now you do). They have a high dose of antioxidants that make them okay to have.

And since there are so many brands of good quality sugar-free dark chocolate on the market, why not indulge in them? We make it easier for you, bringing you the ones that are well-priced and of exceptionally good quality. So there’s no need to hold back any more…

#6 Sugar free chocolate chip cookies

There are very few people who’d be able to say no to chocolate chip cookies. For most people this makes for a great a late afternoon pick-me-up. So when you take to a sugar-free life, you have to say bye to these.
However, it’s perfectly okay to have the sugar free variety, provided the ones you lay your hands on are crunchy yet moist and delicious. Well, as long as you pick from the ones we bring you, you shouldn’t be disappointed. So do try them out!
Photo Credit: jazzijava via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: jazzijava via Compfight cc

#7 Sugar free chocolate chips

Just because you’re giving up sugar for good doesn’t mean you’re going to have to give up on desserts and treats altogether. And chocolate chips come in really handy for making most of these at home. Plus, you can always munch on them straight from the packet – just a mouthful can warm your heart and make you feel content.

And the ones that made it through our screening process are delicious and healthy, try them out to see if you agree or not.

#8 Sugar free peanut butter

Whether you want it with your crackers, or for your sandwiches, peanut butter is a must-have. And just because you’ve gone sugar-free, that doesn’t have to change. Especially since you can have textured peanut butter, minus any sugar, quite easily. All you really have to do is go to the link that we’ve provided.

#9 Sugar free jello

Jello makes for a good snack anytime of the day. You can even use them as ingredients for some exotic treats that you’re making at home. But like the average sugar-free gummy bears, the regular variety of sugar-free jellos on the market have a weird aftertaste, and the texture is not quite right.

But we can assure you that the good quality ones aren’t like that. You’ll just have to verify that by trying out the ones that made it to our recommendations. And those, we picked on the basis of customer feedback and price…
Photo Credit: jasmeet via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: jasmeet via Compfight cc

#10 Sugar free marshmallows

Marshmallows, again, are quite handy, ready to eat treats that most people would prefer to keep at home. But once you go sugar-free, the key is to find the good quality sugar-free marshmallows that are actually palatable.

And we have brought you just those, just click through and you will have yummy soft and gooey marshmallows that are perfectly okay for you to have.

#11 Sugar free cake and pastries

Finally, although these we know are not really snacks items, because let’s face it, they are better as desserts, we’ve included them here. Because when we’re bringing you so many sugar-less goodies why not include cakes and pastries too.

And here the ones we’ll bring you will be equal parts healthy and tasty.

In fact, that’s something we can say about all the sugar free snacks we’ve listed here. And if you want to know just how good and delicious they are, you will have to check out the inner pages for the complete details. And keep your eyes peeled to this page, because we intend to bring you more of such sugar-free treats that you can indulge in, even when you have permanently cut off sugar from your life.


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11 Sugar Free Snacks That You CANNOT Refuse
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