2 Picks For Great Tasting Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Kids and adults alike – everybody loves chocolate chip cookies! But when trying to switch to a healthy lifestyle these, like so many other yummy treats, become absolutely no-no. This is because most of these sweet treats come loaded with sugar and are therefore not good for you. But how about exploring some sugar free chocolate chip cookies? Surely, when they have been made without the sugar, you can enjoy one or two from time to time!

So, here are the top picks from the online mega store – Amazon!

 Sugar-Free-Soft-and-Chewy-Cookies Sugar-Free-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies-with-Almonds 
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And now let’s take a look at them individually…

#1: Sugar Free Soft and Chewy Cookies (Chocolate Chip) by Darlington
Sugar-Free-Soft-and-Chewy-Cookies buy-amazon-button  This first one is a traditional chocolate chip cookie, just made without the sugar. However, going by the reviews left by customers, you’ll never be able to tell these apart from your regular with-sugar cookies!

That is because these use a high quality sugar substitute, and other than that, they do not skimp on any of the other essential ingredients. The result is that the cookies you get are soft and chewy – just as you want them to be! Plus all products used are certified to be kosher – so if you have that restriction, then these are fine for you!

 Also, the chocolate used is of the best quality – and that only adds to their flavor. Finally, these cookies are very reasonably priced, with a single packet containing 36 yummy cookies. And that too the packets cost less than $20 – even as they use sugar substitute instead of sugar!

Surely, that is reason enough to invest in these! And that is not all – when you do buy these, chances are that you will get hooked, and will definitely go for a second pack! So, what are you waiting for? With these tasty and home-style cookies flying off the shelves, you’d better hurry!


Sugar Free Soft and Chewy Cookies (Chocolate Chip) by Darlington

 Now these cookies that were featured first are known to be yummy and just like home baked cookies fresh out of the oven. But that doesn’t necessarily make them the healthiest. In fact, the healthiest is still to come… Check these out!

#2: Aunt Gussie's Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies with Almonds
 Aunt Gussie’s is a pretty well-known brand – producing great tasting cookies and baked items from the best of ingredients. But that is not why we’ve featured these here! There is another reason…. Guess what?

These cookies are yummy, and taste just like your regular cookies, and yet – they are not made with flour! They are actually made with spelt flour – a low carb alternative to flour. That makes these healthier cookies overall! Add to that the fact that these have no added sugar and are instead sweetened with natural sugar substitutes, and you have a yummy and healthy treat in your hand! 

But before you order these and literally get them in your hands, it’s time to take a look at what reviewers have had to say… If you were to check those out, you’d see that these have become a favorite with diabetics across the continent. And something that is safe for diabetics is automatically safe and good for the person making the change for the purpose of switching to a healthier lifestyle!

Not only are these cookies yummy, they are so without adding to your waistline or causing sugar spikes! So – what are you waiting for? While these are a little more expensive they are also a lot healthier. And of course, these are actually selling out faster than the first one. So – place your orders now!

Aunt Gussie's Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies with Almonds

buy-amazon-buttonAnd with that this discussion is complete. So you now have two different products at your disposal – one that is yummy and can be had by those who are cutting out sugar, but continuing to have flour – and the other for those who are also cutting back on carbs! So – depending on just how healthy you are wishing to become, you can now take your pick and enjoy these yummy versions of sugar free chocolate chip cookies!

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