Brown Sugar Substitute: Freedom for Your Sweet Tooth

Having Type II diabetes or being on a weight loss program will automatically put you on a low or sugar-free diet. Often, such diets can easily make these individuals fall into heavy relapse as cravings can heighten when put on abstinence. Brown sugar being a common ingredient in many desserts gives that distinctive taste. But while brown sugar is healthy sugar per se, diabetics and weightwatchers are often told to steer clear of this. Luckily, there are two brown sugar substitute used by many today to continue enjoying their comfort food without the guilt.



Top Two Brown Sugar Substitute

When it comes to low or sugar free cooking, finding brands that offer no-nonsense products can be taxing. With the advent of health and fitness in the last five years or so, the rise of such brands also prove to be astronomical leading people to bemoan which one to pick.

To give you a headstart, we’re handpicked two of the most trusted brown sugar alternative brands on Amazon.

1.Big Tree Farms 5-Pound Organic Coconut Sugar Bag

Big Tree Farms 5-Pound Organic Coconut Sugar Bag
Coming at a glycemic index of 35, the Big Tree Farms 5-Pound Organic Coconut Sugar Bag is a savior to diabetics and prolific weightwatchers looking for a healthy alternative to processed cane sugars and high fructose sweeteners.  According to research, these brown sugar substitutes are way much healthier than artificial sweeteners. The Big Tree Farms Organic Coconut Sugar Bag is proven to taste like soft brown sugar and contains almost similar energy-giving nutrients. Certified organic, GMO- and Gluten- free, this is a favorite among vegans, diabetics, weight-watchers, and people with special needs.

Being health- and eco-friendly, the Big Tree Farms 5-Pound Organic Coconut Sugar Bag has always been highly recommended by many over the years. Reviews of the product have always been great, too. Some even use it as coffee or tea sweeteners for its soft caramel flavor.

If the 5-pound bag is too big for you, check this 1 gallon alternative..

2. Sukrin Gold Natural Brown Sugar Alternative

The Sukrin Gold Natural Brown Sugar Substitute is another great choice for diabetics and weightwatchers. Lending the same taste, smell and texture of a regular brown sugar, it is used by many as a replacement for baking and cooking. It is also used as sweetener for coffee and tea. GMO-free, this pack contains no artificial flavors, zero additives and zero preservatives making it safe for consumption for everyone.

Verified users of the Sukrin Gold Natural Brown Sugar Alternative continually rally behind this brand. Reviews from loyal consumers tag this as a “weightwatchers’  go-to ingredient” and a diabetic’s “personal heaven.” It can be used as toppings, sprinkles, and for making candies—without the glycemic guilt. To buy, check out discounts from Amazon.

Sugar Free Desserts



Just because one is on a specific diet, he or she no longer can enjoy desserts. Luckily today, diabetics and weight-watchers can still enjoy their sweet tooth by using brown sugar substitute on their homemade dessert recipes. Both Big Tree Farms 5-Pound Organic Coconut Sugar Bag and Sukrin Gold Natural Brown Sugar Alternative are great choices as brown sugar alternative for baking and cooking. To save, buy in bulk from Amazon and store them in airtight containers tucked in a cool dry place away from sunlight. With these healthy options, you can finally break free of your self-imposed abstinence and enjoy awesome sugar free desserts all you want!

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