How to Make Your Own Delicious Sugar Free Ice Cream

Having a hard time letting your kids eat fresh fruit? Do you find the texture of some fruits icky to the mouth? Why not gorge on ice cream instead? Nobody in his or her right mind would decline a scoop or 2 of ice cream. But since it is next-to impossible to find sugar free ice cream, the real deal, making your own should be on top of your priority list. Whether due to blood sugar problem or just you taking precautionary measures, the idea of being able to make your own ice cream that’s sugar-free and fat-free with healthy ingredients is definitely divine.



So, what to do?

First Stop: Ice Cream Maker

In a world where technology dominates everything, it is virtually impossible not to find a machine that can help lighten the load in making sugar-free ice cream. Ice cream makers have churning mechanism that simultaneously freezes and aerate the mixture without forming any ice crystals. This is why many home-made ice creams today can be safely consumed immediately.

But with the brands and models rising in numbers, finding a good one to aid in your quest in making the best sugar-free ice cream can be tough. If you are a busybody who simply wants the easiest way possible to concoct your brood’s favorite dessert, finding an ice cream maker that simply allows you to drop everything and automatically signals “ready to eat!” is a must.

Knox Ice Cream and Gelato Maker
The Knox Ice Cream and Gelato Maker is one such handy machine. This machine has a mixing bowl capacity of 1.5 quarts or approximately 50 ounces. It puts automation into perspective with its easy set-up. Simply prepare the ingredients according to the recipe and it will do the rest of the mixing and churning. Checking how it works is so easy as it also features an easy-to-read LCD display and a motorized auto shutoff function when the process is finished or when there’s any mechanical problem. Its best feature however, lies in its KeepCool extending cooling action that allows the whole family to enjoy a sugar-free gelato right there and then.

Now that you already have an ice cream maker, finding the best brands of ready-to-mix ice cream brand is next.

Sugar Free Ice Cream Pick

There are so many brands out there that boast yet do not actually live up to its promise of sugar-free all-natural ingredients. When it comes to low carb, low lactose, high fiber, high protein, gluten- and sugar- free ice cream base mix, the LC Foods Ice Cream brand has always been a trusted one in the market. This is the brand name that puts new meaning to homemade ice-cream making in an entirely new light.

The company features three base mixes—vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Here, you get to have a glimpse at two of these flavors for demonstration’s sake.

1. LC Chocolate Ice Cream

Touted as diabetic-friendly, the LC Chocolate ice cream has zero gluten, wheat, sugar and corn syrup. It also has low carbohydrates at 1g, low protein at 1.4g and fiber at 5.8g. To make one cup of sugar-free ice cream, you simply mix at least 6.6 teaspoons or 18.4g. Ingredients are all-natural and delivers a smooth consistent texture when the process is finished.

2. LC Strawberry Ice Cream

Another best-seller is the LC Strawberry Ice Cream. Low in carbohydrates at 0.8g per 6.6 teaspoon or approximately 1 cup, it is also boasts of all-natural gluten-free and sugar-free ingredients. Like the chocolate flavor, this strawberry flavor also comes with a consistent smooth texture and taste making it a perfect dessert for diabetic individuals.

Each LC Chocolate or Strawberry flavored sugar free ice cream mix makes approximately ½ gallon of soft or hard-packed ice cream. To make with the Knox Ice Cream and Gelato Maker, simply mix 1 and ¾ cups cold water, a packet of your choice of LC Chocolate Ice Cream mix or LC Strawberry Ice Cream mix and 1.5teaspoon of vanilla extract or your choice of flavor extract. Make sure that the overall mixture is even out with no dry powder left in a bubble.

Begin by going slow then, adjusting to a high after two minutes. Add the cream and blend on low speed for 20 seconds. Pour the mixture into a glass bowl and freeze for at least 2 hours. Do make sure to stir frozen edges after an hour. After two hours, place the chilled mixture into the freezer bowl of the Knox and start churning by pushing the button on the Knox. A few minutes short of the recommended churning, add your choice of berries, nuts, marshmallow, and other flavorful mixes to the mixture.

If you want it soft serve, eat immediately. For hard-packed texture, pour into an airtight container and freeze for at least 3 hours. Serve on a special bowl with sugar-free chocolate chips or fresh fruits. You can also put a dollop of sugar-free liquid chocolate when served. For your kids, simply add whipped cream with M&Ms for that enjoyable snacking treat.

The Good Life

There is nothing more enjoyable than sharing a cup of ice cream with your loved ones. With the sugar-free ice cream sensations like LC Chocolate ice cream and LC Strawberry Ice Cream, you can finally enjoy this sweet treat without the guilt. Add to that the convenience and ease of the Knox 1.5 Ice Cream and Gelato Maker and you can finally enjoy ice-cream making without spending hundreds of dollars—and most importantly, without sacrificing your health and that of your family.

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