Picking the Best Sugar Free Honey Substitute

Are you on a strict weight loss program but cannot help crave for honey? Does your household love honey but dread the diabetic gene anomaly being passed down from one generation to the next? Why not give sugar free honey substitute products a try? Some honey-loving households have the bad luck of not being able to enjoy real honey due to certain bodily limitations. This however, does not mean that you can no longer enjoy honey on your favorite recipes, on toasts and pancakes, on breads and cereals, and as sweeteners to your coffee or tea. So, where to buy sugar free honey substitute?

Top 2 Sugar Free Honey Substitute

Though natural honey is known to contain less sugar than natural sugar products, it cannot be denied that it still contains sugar. Natural honey can also prove to trigger allergies in some people. So if you want the taste of honey without any complications, the HoneyTree brand just have the perfect solutions for you.

1. Honey Tree 12-Ounce Sugar Free Honey Flavored Syrup (Pack of 12)

When it comes to sugar free honey substitute, HoneyTree has always been the go-to brand of many weight watchers and diabetics. This 12-ounce Plastic Bear variety for instance, looks and taste like real honey that you tend to forget you’re consuming something with no sugar and not really honey per se. From color to texture and taste as well as consistency, this sugar free imitation honey totally makes a great substitute when preparing menus or beverages requiring honey without the sugar-y stuff.

Time and again, Honey Tree Sugar Free Honey Flavored Syrup proved to be an amazing companion at home. This sugar-free honey substitute comes “tested and approved” by many Moms and Dads as per reviews and feedback compiled. With a pack-of-12, you can also save on shipping costs.

Another Honey Tree option..

2. Honey Tree 12-Ounce Sugar Free Imitation Honey (Pack of 3)

If the pack of 12 sounds too much for your household, then try the Honey Tree 12-Ounce Sugar Free Imitation Honey in pack of 3. Still possessing the same color, taste, texture and consistency, this variety is easier to the pocket. It can still be used as a sugar free honey substitute when eating pancakes, fruits, and other menu or beverage requiring honey. It is labeled kosher, too.

Indeed, this variety of Honey Tree 12-Ounce Sugar Free Imitation Honey is another “diabetic delight” that “tastes like the real thing” according to reviews. This one comes in a pack of 3 making it a good choice for a first-time buyer as a taste test. To order, check out discounts from Amazon.

Who’s Your Honey?

Source: favim.com

Source: favim.com

Without a doubt, sugar free honey substitute is the rage in today’s health conscious market. When it comes to this, the HoneyTree brand provides the best varieties which are not only safe, they are kosher, too. For first time buyers, go and order the pack of 3 Honey Tree 12-Ounce Sugar Free Imitation Honey for a taste test. For more prolific honey users, however, savings can be enjoyed more with a pack of 12 Honey Tree Sugar Free Honey Flavored Syrup. Check for discounts and shipping perks from Amazon now!

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