Sugar Free Banana Bread: Buy Or D-I-Y It To Stay Healthy!

Do you love banana bread and have had to give up the treat because you are cutting back on sugar? Well, there is a spot of good news for you! Did you know, you could get sugar free banana bread? And not only that – here are actually two amazing products; both will give you the delight of banana bread, but minus the sugar! So, let’s take a look?

Banana-Bread Banana-Bread-Mix
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And now let’s take a look at each individually…

#1: Go Raw Bars, Banana Bread

This is actually a raw food bar. AS with all raw food products, it uses a sugar substitute – organic dates - in place of sugar. These allow for richer taste and better effect. In addition to that, it also must cut out on the customary flour – since it is raw. And what does it use in the place of high calorie flour? Organic flax seeds that have been sprouted first and organic coconut. The result, when mixed with banana and the dates is a yummy tasting little bar that is both low calorie, and yummy to taste!

Now, this is certainly one product that you need to try out. And don’t worry – even if you are sharing it around, when you order this one product you actually a pack of 30 bars, so there is enough for you to share and enjoy yourself!

In fact, Amazon actually gives it to you for less than the manufacturer - and therefore if these are the ones you want then you should check out the product details and customer reviews – and place your orders. Since there are only a few left in stock right now, you never know when the price may go up!


Go Raw Bars, Banana Bread

But at the end of the day, these were actually raw bars – and not real banana bread. So, they will surely not give you the whole experience. But worry not – the second product is a banana bread mix – one which you can use to whip up your own low sugar, low calorie banana bread in the comfort of your own kitchen! And here it is….

#2: Banana Bread Mix, Breads from Anna

Where the first one was sugar free, this one does contain some sugar, but a very little bit. In fact, it relies on the other products to give it sweetness – like the banana for instance. And so, when making this banana bread, try to get hold of the sweetest ripe bananas you can get. That way, you will be adding an extra sweet edge to this yummy banana bread. Also, here again, you have a flour-free recipe – so there’s a lot of carb automatically deducted from the regular recipe! In its place it uses flour from chia seeds and 3 other different beans.

Now we take a look at how to make this banana bread – because if the recipe is pretty long winded, you will definitely not go for this!

First let’s start with what you will need according to package instructions:

  • A ½ by 4½ inch loaf tin
  • Oil – ½ cup
  • Large eggs – 2
  • Ripe medium bananas – 3
  • Chopped nuts (this one is optional) – ½ cup

And then to make it, you first blend the bananas in a food processor. Take it out and mix in the rest of the wet ingredients and cream till smooth and combined. Now grease the pan and preheat your oven to 300 degrees.
Add the contents of the packet to the wet ingredients. Fold in, and transfer to the greased pan and bake in the oven for 30 minutes, or till done!

Now, that really is simple, isn’t it? And you can finish off with the prep in just one bowl – so minimal washing up! So, want to give some yummy banana bread a try? Well, then this is the one to go for – free of any GMO ingredients and with a Kosher Pareve certificate!


Banana Bread Mix, Breads from Anna

And with that you have reached the end of the list of recommendations for low sugar or sugar free banana bread items. One thing is for sure – they are delectable, made from the best ingredients and easily available from Amazon! So get ordering and prepare to enjoy your favorite banana bread, without the fattening sugar!

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