Sugar Free Dark Chocolate: The Best Of The Lot Is Here

Going sugar free doesn’t mean you have to give up on your love of dark chocolate. Especially since dark chocolate is actually healthy – loaded with antioxidants that are healthy for the body. BUT, you can only enjoy sugar free dark chocolate, and getting your hands on one such could be difficult. That’s because the dark chocolate options that are available on the market are either too costly, or quality-wise disappointing.

But here’s the good news, YOU won’t actually have to go on a ‘hunt’ to find such dark chocolate (minus the sugar) options. Because here you’ll find 2 of the best products that you can readily try…
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Now to get to the products individually so you can decide which one will suit your budget and tastes…


Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bars, Sugar Free, 3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

Hershey’s is a well-known brand; in fact it is one of the top chocolate manufacturers on the international market. So you really have no worries about the quality of the dark chocolate.

These chocolate bars have the same taste that any other Hershey’s chocolate has. Except for the fact that these are completely sugar free – not that you’d be able to say that unless you knew beforehand. That says a lot about the taste-factor.

Next, these are also very healthy in the sense that despite being high calorie, they don’t really cause a worrisome blood sugar spike. These have been sweetened with sugar substitutes, and unless you gorge on these like crazy, you have nothing to worry about.  
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Besides, you cannot really afford to gorge on these without restraint because the sugar substitute can have a bit of a laxative effect. So having more than 2-3 bars at a go could result in a bit of flatulence. But as the customers pleased with the chocolate said, that’s a small price to pay for being able to continue to enjoy dark chocolate. And this was felt by not just a handful but by a majority of the customers who left 5 star reviews.

Check them out before you go ahead and order your own. And once you’ve read the reviews let’s get down to another plus point this chocolate has. You might think the chocolate is costly, but frankly, it’s a pack of 12, and you effectively get 12X3 ounces of chocolate! Considering that, a slightly above $20 price-tag is really quite reasonable.

And if you sign up for the Amazon Subscribe and Save option, you get an attractive discount on regular and bulk deliveries of this chocolate. That’s definitely good news, right?

So if this chocolate has wowed you as well, then go ahead, check it out and order!

Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bars, Sugar Free, 3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

And now if you wanted to check out some more options before settling for any, then here’s your second option…
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Valor Sugar Free Dark Chocolate, 70% Cacao (3.5 oz/300 g)

First, let’s tell you that the manufacturers are well-known for their sugar free chocolates. So once again you will not really have to worry about the quality of the chocolate.

This is also quite healthy – with 70% cacao content, this is quite high in antioxidants. So you can rest easy on that account as well. Additionally, this Spanish chocolate company is known for using premium quality cacao from Panama, Ghana and Ecuador.

Coming down to customer opinion, this chocolate also has been well-received. It has got a majority of 5 star reviews to its name, and that in itself speaks a lot about its popularity.

Furthermore, this 3.5 ounce of dark chocolate bar is also quite affordable – that is also one of the reasons behind its popularity. So if you feel that this is more to your liking, then all you have to do is get the order in place, and wait for Amazon to deliver. And this is where you can place that order…

Valor Sugar Free Dark Chocolate, 70% Cacao (3.5 oz/300 g)

And now that you have two sugar free dark chocolate options right here – the best ones on the market, all you have to do is decide and order. And then nothing will get in the way of enjoying your rich dark chocolate (minus the sugar!).  

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Valor Sugar Free Dark Chocolate, 70% Cacao (3.5 oz/300 g)
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