Sugar Free Drinks: Get The Sweetness Minus The Calories!

Most people looking for sugar free drinks are either trying to count calories, or have diabetes. In any case, sugar free drinks usually mean drinks that aren’t sweet – or so they do to a layman. But the fact of the matter is that you can have an array of drinks that are sugar free and yet sweet! Wondering how? Well, there are a number of ways in which you can sweeten food and beverages – without adding any sugar to them. Such options can broadly be grouped as:

Photo Credit: Zwedlana via Compfightcc

Photo Credit: Zwedlana via Compfightcc

  • Artificial sweeteners – the usual sugar substitutes that are used are aspartame, Splenda , etc. These are artificially synthetized, and aren’t always healthy. In fact, High Fructose Corn Syrup is another such artificial sweetener that is often used in artificial products. These are usually cheaper than the natural ones, and therefore used by manufacturers to lower production costs. However, in the long run, these are actually unhealthier than your regular table sugar. The other kind of sweetener are…

  • Natural sweeteners–these are natural products derived from herbs or plants or other natural sources. While they contain sugar identical ingredients, they work differently. Some examples are stevia, honey and agave nectar. The thing about stevia is that while it gives a highly sweet flavor – it isn’t even a sugar and is therefore devoid of all the health risks of all kinds of sugar. On the other hand, while honey does contain sugar, it is a natural high source of antioxidants and vitamins as well. This basically means that it is healthier for you than regular sugar. As for agave nectar, the unprocessed kind does contain fructose. But since it is much sweeter, you use less, and is thus less harmful.

Now that you have read about the more commonly used sugar substitutes, we’ll move on to some of the common beverages that you can easily get or make in their sugar free avatars!

We’ll start with…

Sugar free hot chocolate

Photo Credit: Surat Lozowick via Compfightcc

Photo Credit: Surat Lozowick via Compfightcc

While most people do not like their hot chocolate to be very sweet, a little bit of sweetness is obviously desired. Now with hot chocolate, this is usually added in the form of sugar. You usually get hot chocolate as a powder – which is a mixture of cocoa and sugar and sometimes even dried milk. This you mix with hot milk or water or half and half and enjoy. But the moment you consider the sugar free type, you need to cut out the sugar – and this is usually made up for with other sweeteners. However, if the chocolate isn’t very good quality, you cannot use sweeteners like honey or agave, because they have a strong flavor of their own. Check out the details we have on hot chocolate minus the sugar to find out how it is actually sweetened!

Besides this, you can also have…

Sugar free cranberry juice

Now, cranberry juice is usually pretty tart. And while it does come with its health benefits, it is very difficult to have it unsweetened. But not to worry – because we have found the best cranberry juice for you – it is sweet but also free of the calories… Do check it out.

Photo Credit: Genista via Compfightcc

Photo Credit: Genista via Compfightcc

And finally, we also have…

Sugar free apple cider mix 

Now, this may seem weird to you – because apple cider is made from apple juice – and that naturally contains sugars. But we have found a mix for you with which you can enjoy your favorite apple cider but minus the calories! Again, be sure to check it out…

And that’s it for now about sugar free drinks. But we endeavor to bring you more such options, so do keep a lookout on this page for all the latest updates!

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Sugar Free Drinks: Get The Sweetness Minus The Calories!
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