Popular 3 Sugar Free Candy Selections For A Perfect Snack

Are you on a strict weight loss regimen but cannot fully deny your sweet tooth’s enjoyment? Do you have diabetes but want to enjoy a healthy snack? Do you want your kids to live healthy at an early age? For many weight-watchers, diabetic patients, and discerning parents, eating sugar-free candy is one way to appease a person’s sweet tooth without the hazards that sugary stuff brings. If you are on the lookout for sugar free candy as snacks, here are three bestselling brands:

1. JOLLY RANCHER Sugar Free Hard Candy 12-pack, Assorted

If you are into fruity flavor sans the usual sugar and calorie count, the Jolly Rancher Sugar Free Hard Candy is a mouthful. Combining the fruity sensations of watermelon, apple, grape and raspberry, this flavored but sugar free candy can truly turn snack time into pure enjoyment without the guilt. Feel free to have two or three in your pocket or purse when out and about. Kids can also enjoy this treat particularly during Halloween trick or treatin’, or during special occasions when sweet stuffs are allowed. With only 35 calories and zero carbs for every four pieces (and zero laxative effects), this sugar-free sensation will definitely not ruin your diet.

For gummi bear lovers..

2. Haribo Gummi Candy Gold-Bears 5-pound Bag

The 5-pound bag of Haribo Gummy Gold Bears sugar-free candy is known to be an all-time favorite among people of all ages. Soft and chewy, this naturally flavored candy contains 985 pieces of unique bear-shaped gummies for everyone to much on. Flavors come in strawberry (green), pineapple (white), orange (orange), lemon (yellow), and raspberry (red). They can be used as cake toppings or as party favors. They can add both flavor and artistic value to certain stuffs like chocolate fondues, cakes, pies, and many more. The best deal—it’s mouth watering and gloriously enjoyable with nary a trace of sugar or calorie.

For creamy flavor..

3. Werthers Original Sugar Free Hard Candy, 12-pack

If you want nothing of that fruity sensation but prefer the creamy taste of caramel then, go for the 12-pack smoothness and creaminess of the Werthers Original Sugar Free Hard Candy. This classic sugar free candy contains 40 percent less than the regularly flavored original and packs a low 8cal per piece. Ingredients include butter, cream, isomalt, salt, soy lecithin emulsifier, acesulfame-K sweetener, isomalt and artificial flavoring. It contains no sugar and is basically gluten free! Do take note that this one contains milk and soybeans.

So is it really safe to gorge on any of these sugar free candy selections? Experts suggest that even when you are diabetes or on a stringent weight loss regimen, it doesn’t hurt to keep your enjoyment from sweet stuffs like candies. In fact, these can be used as snack substitutes as they tend to keep your hunger for fatty and sugar-y foods in check. Do not overindulge yourself though. Limit to at most 5 piece per snack time to prevent stomach upset. Just because they’re sugar-free does not necessarily mean it is okay to overeat. Be reminded that excessive intake is always bound to deliver negative result. So enjoy in moderation!
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